Why Shop Online!!

Decided to get a new iPhone, been very happy with my 4 year old iPhone 5S and wanted a similar size, strong and rugged to be in the pocket, the decision an iPhone SE!

Did my research online, phoned O2, my current provided and got a deal sorted.  Problem was that my old account wouldn’t link to new sale to validate.  Option to get the phone quickly was to visit the local store in Bournemouth.

Found free parking for half an hour and went in, still could not get sale and account linked so started a new sale again.  Not the same deal as online or phone but sales person excellent and patient.

Hour later, back at car, thankfully no ticket!  Now charging the phone and looking forward to transfering data across, deregistering the old one from icloud, passing that on. and using the new one.

Check out the iPhone SE handsets and iPhones at O2 here.